xxxxxx (hana_dammit) wrote in 100_keith,

A Sid.

Dustin likes babys. To eat them. We've been plotting the baby-o-launtern's...

I'm pretty sure there's good evidnce to prove that drugs have been imbibed here at some point, but still not sure. I'll be watching Dustin for ANY signs of illigal activity, as I know he is the only one who would ever consider doing illigal things like that. As he's the most demoralized person who lives here.

I'm just not sure what to think about him anymore, really. I know he wants better, but I just don't think he cares anymore. He used to be such a good boy, what with his boyscoutting and and lawn mowing business. But it all just went down hill when his scout master started touching him. I told him to break it off! No relationship between a pre-pubescent 8 year old boy and a 43 year old married man could ever be able to survive the societal frown!

But I digress...

Lift my head? I'm still yawning!!

please... don't wake me NO!! DON'T SHAKE ME!!! LEEAAAVEEE ME WHERE I AM!!
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