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Kief is the Naked HighSchool flasher:

Kief just stripped naked and danced in front of the picture windows at some high schoolers. While Elvis screamed at them from the porch. What. The. Fuck.
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October 7 2005, 18:08:29 UTC 11 years ago

You guys are totally THAT house
herow anonymous
that seems strangely appropriate.

thanks for some interesting imagery to get me through my work day by the by.
Add me add me add me add me!
-Summer Rose
already did! already did! already did!

heh :)

Suspended comment

That was possibly one of the most interesting moments of my life. I just couldn't believe how damn quickly he got naked the second I yelled, "FLASH 'EM KIEF, FLASH 'EM!"

I was wondering what you were doing on the computer after that. I should have known that it involved LGay.